10 Must-Do Outdoor Activities in Mt Maunganui

10 MustDo Outdoor Activities in Mt Maunganui

Mount Maunganui is one of New Zealand’s premier holiday spots, known for its extinct volcano which stands 232-metres and covers a peninsula at the mouth of Tauranga Harbour.

Visitors can take advantage of various walking tracks to reach its summit and be treated to breathtaking views of beaches, Tauranga City and Pacific Ocean.

1. Hike to the Top of Mount Maunganui

Nothing beats taking in the panoramic views of Tauranga and its beaches than hiking up Mount Maunganui, our most iconic landmark.

The 232-metre volcano sits atop a peninsula extending into both an oceanfront beach and harbor, offering stunning 360-degree views that encompass both the Bay of Plenty and city from its summit.

Hiking to the summit requires physical fitness, but the reward can be immense. Choose one of two scenic tracks to reach it and witness breathtaking panoramic views along your way.

2. Visit Papamoa Beach

Papamoa Beach, known for its 16km expanse and longstanding popularity with locals, provides an idyllic environment to spend an enjoyable day swimming, fishing or surfing the waves.

Papamoa Hills are an idyllic regional park offering spectacular vistas – a great place for adventure, or strolls with children!

3. Take a Gyrocopter Tour

Gyrocopter tours provide an exciting aerial perspective of the Bay of Plenty and make an excellent thrill-seeking activity. Tours can be taken either independently or with professional pilot assistance.

An enjoyable and safe activity suitable for the entire family, this experience allows you to admire stunning landscapes from an open cabin gyroplane.

4. Visit McLaren Falls Park

This expansive parkland sits along Lake McLaren and is an idyllic destination for camping, fishing, kayaking, disc golfing, forest walks and picnicking.

There are approximately 10 tracks throughout the park and the Waterfall Track provides an unforgettable experience, especially at dusk when glow worms can be seen glowing brightly!

5. Go Skydiving

Skydiving in New Zealand can be one of the most exhilarating experiences ever! Jumping from 15,000 feet and free-falling at an astonishing speed will leave an indelible mark on your memory for many years to come.

Mount Maunganui makes this activity an absolute must, with incredible views from above. Don’t miss this incredible experience.

6. Visit the Tauranga Art Gallery

Tauranga Art Gallery is an essential visit for art enthusiasts. Since opening its doors in 2007, it has quickly become one of the city’s most beloved galleries, housing an astounding collection of work by both local and international artists.

At its stunning modern art gallery in the heart of Melbourne’s CBD, this incredible space specializes in offering exhibitions that meet today’s gallery standards, as well as hosting various educational and entertaining events throughout the year.

7. Visit Leisure Island

Moturiki Island (known by locals as “Leisure Island”) is an enjoyable walk that is enjoyed both by residents and holiday-goers.

This island boasts an exciting history as a Maori pa, quarry, and marine aquarium.

Now a protected reserve, this island can easily be reached via a man-made land bridge for walking on or going down pathways leading to its blowholes. Enjoy exploring this natural treasure!

8. Take a Blowhole Crawl

Mount Maunganui offers plenty of fantastic activities, and one of the top ones is taking part in a blowhole crawl – free, safe, and an exciting way for kids to learn! It will keep them entertained all afternoon!

Nakalele Blowhole, an natural geyser located about 1/4-mile away on a rugged path, produces water eruptions of 50 feet high that roar like thunder!

9. Go Fishing

Bay of Plenty holidays offer stunning beaches, spectacular ocean views and year-round warm temperatures that make the area an excellent option.

There is plenty of activity in this region, from surfing and fishing to kayaking and even blokarting! So bring along your swimsuit and make the most of New Zealand’s stunning climate.

10. Visit the Market

Te Moananui a Toi (the Coastal Bay of Plenty) offers endless outdoor adventures and cultural treasures, while boasting incredible scenic beauty.

There is a canyon full of glowworms to discover, kiwifruit orchards to explore and Lake McLaren offers peaceful kayaking opportunities.

Coronation Park on The Mount hosts a bustling market featuring food and crafts every first Saturday during summer, which takes place in Coronation Park.