A Relaxing Weekend in Mount Maunganui

A Relaxing Weekend in Mt Maunganui How to Unwind and Recharge

Mount Maunganui offers the ideal setting to relax and refresh this summer. Here, you can spend time enjoying gorgeous beaches, watersports activities, and tasty local cuisine.

Tauranga is also famed for its 232m extinct volcano, the top of which offers breathtaking views over Tauranga and Bay of Plenty.

1. Take a Hike

Mount Maunganui is an idyllic beachside location offering an abundance of activities. Paddle out into the ocean for some paddling fun or build sandcastles on the shore before dining at one of many eateries for delicious fare!

Mauao stands 232 metres above sea level, providing breath-taking views over Papamoa and Matakana Island of western Bay of Plenty.

There are two scenic tracks that lead up the mountain, offering beautiful views. Choose either the Oruahine Track for an easier ascent, or opt for the steeper dirt route around left side of summit if stairs don’t appeal or want to do a circuit of the mountain. Both paths will offer breathtaking vistas of harbour and Tauranga city below.

2. Go for a Swim

One of the best ways to relax and refresh after an exhausting day is a swim. Water’s parasympathetic nervous system stimulates relaxation in your body while simultaneously lowering heart rate, blood pressure, and encouraging digestion.

Mount Maunganui boasts a multitude of hot springs and outdoor pools for relaxation after hiking or spending the day at the beach. Mount Hot Pools in particular is an incredible oasis, featuring heated saltwater for an experience you won’t soon forget!

Mount Maunganui Beach offers another fantastic swimming option, where the soft sand and clear water offer ideal swimming conditions. However, please be wary of strong ocean currents or riptides in certain areas that could carry you away quickly from shore.

3. Go for a Ride

Mount Maunganui Main Beach has long been considered the ‘best beach in New Zealand’ and frequently features in lists of the world’s 25 best beaches, making it an idyllic destination. Layer up on sun protection, relax on its soft white sands and take a refreshing swim in its soothing ocean waves!

If you’re feeling energetic, head up the extinct volcano of 232 metres to take advantage of panoramic views across Bay of Plenty and Tauranga. A walk will require moderate fitness levels and takes approximately one hour.

After returning from your mountain climb, unwind in one of the hot pools available at its base – they provide the ideal way to unwind after an active day!

4. Go for a Walk

If you want to take in some of the breathtaking Bay of Plenty scenery, there are numerous fantastic hiking trails within an easy drive from Mount Maunganui. One popular example is Mauao Track which circles an extinct volcano.

Although the hike can be strenuous, its views make up for it. From the summit you can take in breathtaking panoramas of beaches and Tauranga city from every direction.

Oruahine Track, located along Mount Maunganui’s coastal cliffs and providing ocean views. This route is much shorter than Summit Track and can even be combined with Waikorire Track for a quicker trek uphill.

5. Grab a Bite to Eat

As if the surf weren’t enough, this popular beachside city features an impressive selection of cafes and restaurants as well as family-friendly eateries. Enjoy sweet and savory treats at cafes like Sidetrack Cafe or Deckchair Cafe while satisfying your fish-and-chip craving at Mount Fish and Chips – there is truly something here for everyone!

Mount Maunganui also offers plenty of markets that provide fresh produce, local art and craft items and plenty of enjoyable activities. If you want to dive further into Mount Maunganui city life, why not stop by one of their Sunday markets?